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Power (hp) 765
Weight (kg) 26 300
Track shoe width (mm) 800
Ground pressure (kg/cm²) 420
Overall width (mm) 2 950


Galotrax 800

The World's Largest Forestry Mulcher!

Tracked machine ideal for grinding work in the most hostile working conditions: steep slopes, marshy ground, etc.

  • Powerful 765 HP Engine
  • Articulated bogies on beam: excellent obstacle clearance ability
  • Equipped with Suptronic* system
  • Pre-lubricated D3 to D7 - PW chain drive system
  • Automatically operated direct mechanical power take-off
  • Single-lever control system
  • Lifting control using a single manipulator
  • Hydrostatic feed with 2 speed ranges
  • 2-door tilt cab: Margard anti- projection windows (8 and 12 mm) Air conditioning “High-comfort” suspension seat.

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